Friday, 19 April 2013

Pricebenders auction Coby Kyros Internet Tablet

Pricebenders auction starting Friday, 4 PM! Last time, this Coby Kyros 7-Inch Android 4.0 4 GB Internet Tablet 16:9 Capacitive Multi-Touch Widescreen + Alton Gadsden, abs sweetbandy

 Finally, a hassle-free computer. No annoying updates. Nothing complicated to learn. No expensive software to buy. Starts in seconds. And comes with all your favorite Google apps. The Samsung Chromebook is an ultraportable, sleek laptop for everyday adventures. It weighs less than 2.5 pounds, is 0.8 inches thin, and offers more than 6.5 hours of battery so you can take it wherever you go. It's built to stay cool, so it doesn't need a fan and runs silently (no humming, unless you’re playing music). The Samsung Chromebook runs Chrome OS, which means it has Google apps built-in, it’s easy to share, and stays update to date automatically. Plus, the Chromebook has dual Wi-Fi to make it easier to connect to wireless networks. SPECIFICATIONS: * 11.6’’ (1366x768) display * 0.7 inches thin – 2.42 lbs / 1.1 kg * Over 6.5 hours of battery 1 * Samsung Exynos 5 Dual Processor * 100 GB Google Drive Cloud Storage2 with Solid State Drive * Built-in dual band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n * VGA Camera * 1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0 * HDMI Port * Bluetooth 3.0™ Compatible

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Monday, 5 December 2011

Affiliate Marketer Defined

Affiliate Marketer Defined

According to The World’s Glossary of Internet Terms, “Affiliate Marketer is defined as: “A business relationship with a merchant or other service provider who allows you to link to that business. When a visitor clicks on the link at your site and subsequently makes a purchase from the merchant, you receive a commission based on the amount of the sale, a referral fee or a pay-for-click fee.”

This is a simple, straight-forward agreement between a merchant and an affiliate. Budding affiliate marketers run into a problem when they try to reverse the success process. Instead of starting at the beginning, they try to start at the end.

Making money is the end of the process. The beginning of the process is education and there are several steps in between. Too many people, who are just getting started in affiliate marketing, fail to take the steps necessary to get to the end of the process and actually make money.

Step #1: Educate yourself. This is the key, opening the door of opportunity. It's also the common thread connecting successful affiliate marketers. Education lays the foundation - the building blocks to success. Start by gathering the best information you can find about affiliate marketing and absorbing it.

Step #2: Turn that information into usable knowledge. Even the best information remains kind of worthless, however, until after you discover how to use it - how to make it serve your purpose.

Step #3: Start applying the knowledge ... take action ...start building your affiliate business. Will you make mistakes, even though you've invested all that time educating yourself? Yes, you most likely will make mistakes.

Step #4: Test and tweak, test and tweak. This one never ends. And it's often the dividing line between succeeding and failing. Attention to small details often returns big rewards.

Following these steps will define you as a successful affiliate marketer.
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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Affiliate Marketing in a Nutshell

Internet marketing is not for everyone, but everyone who is in internet marketing could reap two benefits from it, income and satisfaction.

There are very few jobs or businesses which provide these two benefits together. One only needs to look at the news to see how true this is. Not even public sector jobs are able to deliver these two benefits today.

Gone are the days when working in the public sector provided both job satisfaction and a steady and reliable income for life!

The banks, governments and even countries have all defaulted on the human race. The Arab Spring is turning into an Arab Winter, the European community is about to collapse and the ripples are being felt all over the World.

Internet marketing is, to some degree unaffected by the events mentioned above. We are still making money, enjoying what we are doing and meeting new people from all over the World, who are keen to become a part of this ever growing family.

Imagine what will happen when in a couple of years the internet world is allowed to officially break down the walls of China, fast becoming the most powerful nation in the World.

The Chinese market would become the largest internet market with over 1billion prospects all waiting to share in the internet dream. And with the Chinese economy booming this would be rich pickings for any internet marketer especially the genuine ones.

Now is the time to learn and earn from internet marketing. Attend webinars, read books, newsletter and e-books, take courses and join programs which have proven track records. Equip yourself with the right tools, products and services which would put you on the right track to earn a fantastic income and satisfaction from one of the best employers on Earth today - YOU!
Yes, you are in charge of your own destiny and success or failure is all in your hands. For now, we all need programs and businesses which have integrity and provide a secure income so we could feed our families and grow our businesses.

Instant Profit Program have been working behind the scene, using its own money and resources to weed out the so called "GURUS" and scams, to bring you programs which do just what they say they would do - provide you with an income.

To date we have tested several programs and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a business or businesses which provide income and job satisfaction combined.

You are welcome to visit our affiliate programs page and join all or any of the businesses listed there. We cannot guarantee you that they would make you millions overnight, but we guarantee you they would make you a comfortable income day after day, as long as you stay with then and use the tools we provide you with to maximize your earnings.